We have created a culture of safety - and it begins by shaping and sharing beliefs, practices and attitudes about the importance of working safe. We value the health and welfare of our people and anyone who works with us - first and foremost.

We have developed this culture by:

creating a safety manual with sound policies and procedures
expecting and building accountability in supervisors
have internal and external/independent safety audits
responding to any unsafe behavior
providing employee training, incentives and buy-in

Furthermore, we have made safety a major priority at McGann by:

extensive safety training
Safety/first aid administration
Conducting work area surveillance inspections
Air sampling tests for confined spaces
Documentation of any accidents, safety violations or unsafe actions
Monthly walk thru with independent inspectors
Substance Abuse Program - there is a pre-employment screening and an ongoing random testing program at McGann.
Providing an employee assistance program

We have a safety committee that meets monthly and is made up of key field and office leaders along with field staff. We reward our employees for safe work - on a monthly basis and at our annual holiday banquet.

At McGann, we plan for safety by having the project leadership look at the site, building type and potential safety concerns posed during construction. We have an equipment man whose duty is to ensure that everything our field comes into contact with is in excellent working order and they know how to use the tools safely. Our safety record has been outstanding.