Green Initiatives / LEED

McGann Construction, Inc. embraced the green building movement long ago and continues to demonstrate a strong commitment through its construction practices. We maintain dumpsters on our sites where workers separate and recycle concrete, wood, cardboard and paper products.

We understand and welcome the fact that the contractor plays a key role in the green building process. It has been our policy dating back to the 1995 to recycle waste materials at our construction sites. While we do not have architects on staff, we have an excellent working knowledge of our role in partnering with the design team on green building.

We recognize the importance of optimizing energy performance, utilizing light reduction environments and water use reduction strategies. We realize the need to use low emission materials to improve indoor environmental qualities. Recycling, lighting, air quality, water usage and the ability to select the appropriate materials takes a huge step toward the goal of energy efficiency and protecting the environment.